Welcome to the Maplewood Diner

The Maplewood Diner is truly a unique experience to enjoy. From the moment you enter our brand new restaurant, your senses become aware of your surroundings. You see the friendly and courteous staff, coupled with our new décor, with chic and inviting colors. Your ears hear the soothing sounds of music coming from the hi- definition surround system. As you step closer in, you begin to smell the wonderful aromas of home-cooked, fresh comfort food, designed for every diet and palate. Once seated, you’ll feel the perfectly balanced cutlery, and elegant tableware. Finally, the taste you’ve been waiting for arrives. An extraordinary experience of Old World recipes combined with fresh ingredients to create a moment you’ll want to slowly savor. Welcome to the Maplewood Diner.

While New Jersey is well known for its diner food for nearly a century, its newest restaurant in a casual setting goes beyond the typical fare of burger and fries. Maplewood was chosen as the home for this new experience, as the community attracts more discerning “foodies”. These are people who truly care not only about what they eat, but how it’s made, and the ability to create a harmony of flavors.

At the Maplewood Diner you’ll delight in endless choices of traditional appetizers and dishes, accompanied by soups made-from-scratch the way Ya-Ya (grandma) intended. Don’t miss an opportunity to try one of our delicious desserts crafted on-premises by our Award Winning pastry chef. Whether you visit for breakfast, a quick lunch, or a relaxing dinner at the end of the day, you’re always treated like family, and leave happy.

If you’re thinking about a party, an event, or a reason to bring a group of people together for great food and atmosphere, the Maplewood Diner is happy to accommodate your requests. If you need a place to get those last minute details into a proposal alongside a cup of our aromatic and tastefully selected coffee, our complimentary hi-speed WiFi is at available at all times.

The Maplewood Diner is conveniently located at 1473 Springfield Avenue, Maplewood, NJ 07040. We are open 24 hours daily, 7 days a week. We are easy to get to by car or train, and parking is free and plentiful. We can be reached via phone at 973-763-6511 or via fax at 973-763-1077.

The Maplewood Diner

1473 Springfield Avenue
Maplewood, NJ 07040

Open 24 Hours Daily

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Phone: 973-763-6511
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